Accessories To Help You Enjoy Your New ATV

Posted By: Shelby
Post Date: 03/30/2020

ATV usage is becoming increasingly popular. What was once a niche hobby has become more widespread. As a result, manufacturers have started producing a host of accessories for your ATV, which makes your vehicle more accessible. And some accessories simply increase your enjoyment.

Side Mirrors

Side mirrors aren't a necessity on ATVs because you're usually not watching for other vehicles while off-roading. Therefore, most stock models don't come with side mirrors. The addition of side mirrors, though, can make your rides safer and more enjoyable. You can encounter danger if you turn to look behind you while driving. The side mirrors alleviate that danger.

ATV Tracks

The purpose of ATVs is to go all-terrain. Engineers have designed them to that exact specification. However, as rough and rugged as ATV tires are, they might not be able to get you over the most challenging terrain. So, manufacturers have produced tracks.

ATV tracks essentially turn your ATV into a tank. They feature a much larger contact patch than tires, so they spread the weight over a broad area. The surface of the tracks also features grips. Therefore, the tracks seem to float over the rough terrain.

Cargo Carrier

Many riders like to take their ATVs into remote areas, so they need a variety of equipment. Said equipment tends to take up the small amount of storage ATVs naturally offer. If you want to enjoy food and drinks along the way, you can have a cargo carrier mounted on the back. Such carriers are just the right size for a cooler. You can also use it for more gear.


Several years ago, GPS systems came into vogue for drivers, who used them to find their way to unfamiliar addresses. You don't have the same need on an ATV. However, since you're off-roading, a GPS can be useful to find your way back. GPS systems made especially for ATV use feature maps of off-road trails.

Some GPS units offer other features. For example, you can hook up your phone via Bluetooth with some units. This connectivity lets you upload your journey to the internet. Naturally, GPS units made for ATVs are much more shock- and water-resistant than car models.

Phone Mount

Speaking of phones, another accessory you can add is a phone mount. As with GPS units, phone mounts for ATVs are sturdier than even bike mounts. You may not think you need your phone while you're off-roading. However, if you have it handy, you can quickly check text messages or phone calls. Such proximity also facilitates listening to music on Bluetooth headphones.


An ATV represents an investment. Sometimes people don't want to invest if they're only going to use the vehicle for fun. Well, the all-terrain nature of your ATV can have uses in snowy times as well if you add a snowplow. You can also use the attachment as a miniature forklift or debris remover.

The two main features of an ATV snowplow are the blade and the method of attachment to your ATV. You find plows that attach to the whole frame or just the front. The former is trickier to attach, but it can provide an especially sturdy plow function. Blades vary in thickness and configuration. Consider your plow needs as you choose between models.

LED Light Bars

Your ATV should come standard with stock headlights in front. Unfortunately, these headlights aren't always strong enough for off-roading in the dark. LED light bars provide more illumination. They're surprisingly small bars that attach to the front of the ATV. Yet LED lights provide brighter light with less power, so you get the illumination you need without draining your battery.

Consider some of the ways you'd like to use your ATV, and choose the accessories that best match those preferences. Visit Lancaster Sport Cycles to view a range of ATV vehicles.


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