Considerations to Help You Choose an ATV Storage Container

Posted By: Shelby
Post Date: 04/27/2020

Many ATV riders like additional storage on their vehicles. When you go off-roading, you may want to bring tools, spare gear, and personal items such as your phone. What's more, ATV riders often enjoy refreshments at the end of a long ride. All those items will be difficult to carry if you don't add a storage container, either a box or bag, to your ATV.

Keep reading for features to consider while you shop for an ATV storage container.


Hard storage boxes are typically made of thick plastic. They protect whatever you put inside from impact, but smaller items may roll around inside the box. Soft storage bags are made of heavy waterproof material such as polyethylene. They don't offer as much impact protection as boxes, but they do keep your belongings from rolling around.


Whether you opt for a cloth or plastic container, it needs to be able to withstand rugged off-roading. Look at the seams and clasps on bags for their durability. Concerning boxes, the latches should be of hardened plastic or rubber straps. Examine the hinges, too, to make sure they’ll stand up to long-term use.

Storage Capacity

The amount of storage you need depends on your use of your ATV. If you want to take long camping trips, you'll obviously need more storage capacity than for short off-roading excursions. Look at the gear you want to bring to determine your needed capacity. Typically speaking, bags can hold more items than boxes because the material will conform to the contents.

Passenger Accessibility

Both boxes and bags come in different sizes ranging from small cooler size to luggage size. Obviously, the size affects the capacity. However, it can also affect passenger accessibility. The smaller ones will not take up too much room. Even some of the larger ones can leave room for a passenger. Some models, though, take up the passenger seat for storage. If you ride alone, that might not be a factor.


When you go off-roading, you probably don't have the same security issues as when you park on a busy street. Nonetheless, if you bring electronics or other valuable items on your trips, you may want to be able to lock your storage container. The feature is also useful for when you park the vehicle. Not all boxes or bags will have their own locks, but they may have holes for a padlock.

Waterproof Level

ATV riders often take their vehicles out in inclement weather or across terrain that's wet and muddy. If those are your kind of rides, you need to look into the waterproof level of the container. Plastic boxes are typically waterproof. Manufacturers may make bags out of waterproof fabric, but the construction itself may be more water-resistant than waterproof. You may need an additional rain cover.


Safety is imperative when you're off-roading. Needless to say, nighttime riding can be more dangerous than in the daytime. Many storage containers have reflective patches or panels for night riding. If you ride a lot in the dark, this feature may be important to you, though you can retroactively fit the container with reflective stickers.

Mounting Accessibility

Storage containers mount to your ATV in different ways. Some come with their own mounting hardware, while others do not. Generally, those with their own hardware will be easier to mount to your vehicle. Likewise, pay attention to how they mount. You don't want the container to cover lights or restrict steering. Not all containers are suitable for every style of ATV.

Other Functions

Finally, different ATV boxes and bags have unique functions. For example, some are shaped like seats to accommodate an extra passenger. Others have a space to hold a fuel container. Still others contain padding or compartments to keep your belongings safe. Choose the features that best suit your needs.

With these considerations in mind, you should find a storage container that's practical for your purposes. Visit Lancaster Sport Cycles to explore options for the ATV itself.


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