Tips for Choosing Your First Motorcycle

Posted By: Shelby
Post Date: 12/05/2019

Buying your first motorcycle can be a little intimidating and exhilarating at the same time. But don't worry. With a few tips, you will be ready to start shopping for the perfect bike for you.

Find a Bike That Fits

Your first motorcycle needs to fit you properly so that you have proper control over the bike as you ride it. If the motorcycle is not comfortable or you have to stretch to reach the ground, fatigue can set in quickly and the fun of riding may quickly diminish.

Pick the Right Height

Sit on several different motorcycles while you shop. The seat height should be comfortable, and your feet should touch the ground flat-footed. If you stretch to reach the ground and only your toes reach, the motorcycle is too tall and may be hard to balance when you stop at a light or in traffic. 

Pick the Right Style

Sport bikes and cruisers are very different motorcycles. The sport bike frame has a higher seat position, and the rider position is further forward or leans over the fuel tank. The cruiser, on the other hand, allows the rider to sit up straight with their feet out in front of them. The seat is lower to the ground and the handlebars often come back to the rider, making them easier to reach. 

While a sport bike might be appealing to you, it may not be the best overall fit for you. The riding style, the distance you go, and the time you spend on the motorcycle can all be affected by the riding position.

Keep the Power Reasonable

Some motorcycles on the market produce far more horsepower than the new rider needs or can manage. When you look at motorcycles, keep the power in the moderate range so you are comfortable with it. A motorcycle that has a lot of horsepower can be hard to handle and may even be dangerous for a new rider. 

Motorcycles over 1000 cubic centimeters are not usually a good idea for a new rider. Large bikes like these are heavy and far too powerful for someone without experience. However, as you learn and your skills improve, moving to a new, larger motorcycle is always an option.

Keep in mind that the power of the motor is different from style to style as well. A 750 cubic centimeter engine in a sport bike often makes a lot more power and torque that the same size engine in a cruiser or touring motorcycle. The weight of the engine still adds a lot of mass, but consider the specifications, not just the engine size, when looking at power-to-weight ratios. 

Stay In Your Budget

Budget is a huge factor in buying a motorcycle. The price of a motorcycle can change a lot over just a couple of years, and the style of a bike may affect the price as well. Buying last year's leftover model might save you a substantial amount of money, and if you finance the purchase, this could mean a lower payment.

The insurance cost may be lower for the motorcycle as well because the replacement cost of the bike is lower. If you are on a tight budget, talk with the dealer about the leftover models and if they have anything that has a great deal on it.

You might be surprised to find the perfect motorcycle for you hiding in the back of the showroom because it got skipped over for a new machine by previous buyers.

Lancaster Sport Cycles sells sport bikes, cruisers, off-road bikes, and side-by-sides. We can help you find the right motorcycle for you. Whether you are a new rider or an old pro, stop by our showroom and let us show you the latest motorcycles and off-road machines available. 


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